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Hello and welcome to DJ Blast's website, a place where people can find information about my poetry, old cartoons, and other stuff.

Changed some stuff up and cleared out some old links

Added link for the mechwarrior campaign.

Added a link to the website translated in Spanish from the index. Still rough but will continue to work on it. Also changed some minor stuff that no one will probally notice.

Added 5 poems although I have 2 untitled and haven't picked out the right midi for them yet. Added first part of teaser story plot for mystic warriors. Fixed lots of broken junk. Gave cartoon page a somewhat redesigned look. Instead of trying to fix the Terris page I will just destroy the bad links so they are no longer link and mabye I will get back to fix it someday.

Uploaded junk from 10/22/03 update. Fixed some broken images. Started Mystic Warrior Page as a plot teaser. Hopefully updated weekly so stay tuned.

I've updated the links on my no frames page, so that they are all buttons now. This site needs an overhaul badly and hopefully I will have time to do that also later.

Its amazing how thinking of certain people can give you wonderous inspiration. Ya know?
Both of the 2 new links in the poetry section work now and I finally found the right music after about 2-4 hours of listening and deciding which one I like best.
Added to more links in poetry page today. Working on find the right music for them still though. They will be up any time now.

Added some more poems to poetry page. Working on editing other parts of site.

Redesign strucure of website and fixed broken links of poetry after hardrive failure.

Added new Anime Otaku link for anime movies and anime search jumpstart section.

Added this news page. Updated poetry section. Added Recommend Links section. 

Recommended Links

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