"Late at Night"

by Dustin James Yoe

Late at night all I can think about is you now
It used to be of that person from last night's dreams but now all I dream about is you.

Ever since I talked to you and your words spoke to my soul I have longed for you warmth and your touch to be right beside me while I sleep.

But right now I lay here in the dark alone.
Burned by the light of the moon

Night turns to day and day turns back to night
Why do I have to be by myself?
Left with this void that is filled with warm feelings and thoughts of you.

Underneath the starlit sky I want to hold your hand and stay by your side
I want to feel your warm embrace englulf me and melt into your arms

Love never dies
Our hearts on fire
With this desire of ours

Wanting to be together
I will dive into your ocean of light
Swim until I come across your island heart and never let it grow cold again

Like the dolpins we have met and are together
If fate will allow, lets stay forever

In the moon foreset I am lost without your voice to guide me
The precious song lets me hear the sorrows and joys that you feel

Joined by a connection of ethereal twine are lives are now interwoeven and cannot separate without divinve intevention